Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Luis Zamora Pueyo "My Grandmother"

My Grandmother produced and directed in 2004 by Luis Zamora Pueyo is a distinctive movie that packs a punch. Sketched in black on white it concerns an old lady who is seemingly happy, surrounded by her family, but has to be prompted by the local bakery that the annual delivery of her grandson's birthday cake is imminent. She talks endlessly, particularly to her cat. When the cake arrives the bakers have a shock in store for them. It is a powerful movie, with a surprise ending and some revealing choice of detail to show the old woman's life. Thus we have no real close-up of her face and the angles of view are often oblique; instead we gain a view of a dripping tap or, as in the still above, her feet and ball of wool. Two other features may be commented upon: first an excellent soundtrack and musical score both of which were produced by Luis himself; second, the convincing and expert voice of Liz Smith in the role of old woman. Those who know British television's The Royle Family and The Vicar of Dibly will find Liz very familiar and her portrayal here is touching. The film is over nine minutes in length and based on a story by Gonzallo Miralles. It was produced as one of Luis' first year works from his time studying for a BA at the Royal College of Art and may be viewed or downloaded from his website. His graduation piece is the equally enthralling "The Family", and his "About Sofia" gained him an MA. He now resides in Madrid in his home country though he has worked professionally here in the UK. I will write about his two other movies later this week.

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