Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Mari Inukai "Blue and Orange"

"I just follow my emotion,
To find it."
The lines are from Mari Inukai's poetic Blue and Orange. It has won several awards including being screened at Expo 2005 and Sundance 2003. Blue and Orange is about a succession of emotions, tastefully realised, evoked by the depth of her relationship with her daughter. The mother comforts and guides, hugs and listens. The pencil drawings are incredibly delicate as is the whole tone of the 3 minute movie, greatly assisted by the gentle guitar soundtrack. I can't quite read the credits though I guess the Japanese narrator with the sweet voice is Mari herself. This is not a movie I would have thought to make - though I wish I could! Mari is a supreme artist as can be seen from the drawing of her beloved Serena, her daughter of 15 years, or the rest of the work on her blog or website. Mari presently works in Los Angeles to which she moved from Nagoya in Japan in 1995. After completing her education at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 2004, she has moved on to working for, amongst others, Nickelodeon, and now designs toys and clothes, as well as selling the sort of wonders we see on her blog - where she expresses an exuberance and delight that is uplifting to read.

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