Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mathieu Bessudo, Douglas Lassange & Jonathan Vuillemin "Sigg Jones"

Sigg Jones by French students Mathieu Bessudo, Douglas Lassange and Jonathan Vuillemin is a breathtaking brawl between two supposed allies, the boxer (or wrestler) and his agent. Created using 3DSmax the three creators from the esteemed Supinfocom Arles demonstrate just how technically adroit are the graduates emerging from France at the moment. The action of the seven minute movie hinges on the dangers of a health drink intended to build up the fighter. No sponsorship from isotonic drinks then though the movie quickly regains its commercial feet with some pretty dynamic action centred on the opponents' trainers that do more than protect the feet or look stylish. Commercial? The credits are to Puma, Adidas and Nike! The three movie-makers are audacious in the use of technology and as well as a series of splendid variations on the fight theme there is a good variety of stylistic features such as the split screen in the image above. Sigg Jones may be viewed at the students' own website. It has gained several awards including second place in the 3D section of Animex 2007, which is where I first saw it.

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