Thursday, 6 September 2007

Michaël Dudok de Wit "The Aroma of Tea" & his television commercials

Michaël Dudok de Wit is a master of his craft. His "Father and Daughter" featured elsewhere here is one of the most moving animations I have ever seen. "The Aroma of Tea" created in 2006 is entirely different. I guess it depicts in an abstract way a quest and eventual home-coming or union. It might also be an evocation of the reviving effects of tea on the senses though I confess I would need to drink the substance first. It is simple in execution being the journey of a dot through a maze like river journey, beautifully drawn in brown, contour-like networks, and from thence to a more sparsely drawn landscape and eventual home. The rhythm changes too, but the tobacco leaf or tea leaf colours remain. The reason? Easy really: Michaël used tea to draw the animation. The music by Arcangelo Corelli adds massively to the effect. Indeed such is the lovely soothing and revitalising effect of viewing this lazy voyage that the revitalising effect of drinking a cup of tea is recreated. Sometimes the best animations are works of art. You may view it on YouTube. Relax and put your feet up as you do. Michaël has a background in television commercials and his mastery of the medium is marvellously captured in his commercials for both United Airlines and AT&T whose extended advertising campaign using Michaël's work is remarkable. You can view them at Acme Filmworks. His United Airlines short, by the way, has echoes of "Father and Daughter". A consummate artist.

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