Saturday, 8 September 2007

"Riba" Supinfocom Valenciennes - Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu

“Riba” is by three French students, Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu from Supinfocom Valenciennes, the same school of excellence who brought us that marvellous tango movie featured here a while back, "En Tus Brazos". Produced in 2003 using a combination of Maya and Adobe software, the film tells the story of a cat who when lighting the streetlamps of the city spots a wonderful grand piano through a window, with an emblem of an orange fish stamped upon it. Returning to his apartment he is joined by the same fish, miraculously come alive but with another metamorphosis (or at least growth spurt) still to come. I hope I don't spoil the movie by suggesting the cat gets to play the piano because this introduces a credit for a sumptuous piece of music composed by Yves Dalbiez and played on piano by Stéphane Corbin with Frédérique Legrand joining towards the end on the cello. This soundtrack is gorgeous and as good as you get really. It would grace any movie. Certainly it enhances "Riba" though it is well reciprocated. The pinky browns of the apartment and the watery blues of the city lend a delicacy to the artwork and acts as a foil for the Maya produced 3D effects of the cat. Some of this movement is truly excellent, such as the fingerplay as the cat plays the imaginary piano. The French animation schools are turning out some immensely talented animators and Supinfocom Valenciennes in particular. A visit to the movie's home site ( provides lots of information, pictures and links together with an opportunity to view. Should you feel inspired and wish to see more of this powerhouse of talent click the following link to Supinfocom Valenciennes and enjoy yourself. The northern French town of Valenciennes should be proud of itself.

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