Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Samantha Ferguson & Marek Colac "Alice"

It's about time I featured another music video. Samantha Ferguson and Marek Colac co-directed the video Alice for Canadian singer and songwriter artist Howie Beck. Alice is so gorgeous she attracts men wherever she goes, whether it be at a party or on the street - not something always to the advantage of the men, or their partners. Alice of course sails on regardless! The video tracks her adventures through a mixture of hand drawn animation both in black and white and then full colour. This is an accomplished piece of work matching the easy on the ear voice of Howie with an easy on the eye movie. Both Samantha and Marek have their own studios, Marek's at:, Samantha's at Direct links to the music are variously,
Samantha or Marek.

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