Thursday, 13 September 2007

Suzie Templeton "Stanley"

Stanley is a very successful, award winning comedy by Suzie Templeton released in 1999. At over 7 minutes in length it is full of black humour in a rich tradition of British movies. A very British movie in fact. An elderly couple seem not to talk with each other. Not once! They are full of dark suspicions of each other's interests. The wife cooks and wields the heavy knife on her various huge chunks of meat with relish. The knife is honed to perfection. Her husband, Stanley, fondly feeds, washes and generally dotes on his prize possession, a cabbage. Stanley even dreams of the beautiful brassica. He's smitten, in love. There are three in his marriage. Then one day the wife's eyes alight on a recipe that will change her life forever. Suzie's puppets are terrific. One perspective has us looking up at the old woman's lined face as she prepares to hack into the chicken, her eyes manic, her features florid. Wonderful. The set is a delight too with an archaic kitchen and the cabbage in the old metal bath in the backyard. There is also a perfect accompaniment of light jazz from Jonny Templeton and Sam Butterfield. To think this was a student project! By the way, the illustration is a little brighter than is the norm in a generally dark set because it is part of a dream sequence. Stanley is available at Atom Films and YouTube.

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