Monday, 17 September 2007

Tom Judd "Wheel Time"

Serendipity brought me to Tom Judd's work. I particularly like his short 2D movie Wheel Time accessed, as is all his work, from his website and blog: Simply but effectively drawn by hand it has our hero marching through the town pushing a wheel along in front of him. In the course of his journey he encounters the rather unattractive elements of urban life putting up with them in stoic fashion until he hits on a novel means of fighting back. Set against a soundtrack of the gentle strumming of the guitar by Steven Farrimond, there's a gentle humour I found most engaging. Tom has just obtained a first class honours degree from Manchester Metropolitan and will progress to a Masters in Animation at the Royal College of Art this coming October. In that case he is sure to advance his studies further because some of the UK's best animators have come from that esteemed institution. His website repays scrutiny being full of illustrations and bearing testimony to an enthusiasm for and talent in his subject. Do also look at "Snared", an animation with a not dissimilar alienation theme and style, though it has used photographic images set alongside his hand drawing. This time the pace is rather phrenetic as instead of walking the man runs away full tilt to the beat of the snare drum. The "Drum Boy" is Tom himself and this time Steven plays harmonica.

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