Monday, 3 September 2007

Tom Schroeder "Bike Ride"

Tom Schroeder's "Bike Ride" is an animated monologue by a youth who cycles for 5 hours in order to see his girlfriend whom he has not seen for some time. The journey does not go as planned. James Peterson's very believable narration (he also wrote the story) is ably complemented by the jazz percussion soundtrack of Dave King. The artwork is drawn in white lines on a black background and is in a refreshing, easy freehand. Tom teaches animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his confident use of the medium demonstrates his expertise. The tale has an air of truth about it. I also plan to review Tom's later work ("Bike Ride" was produced in 2000) "The Mexican Cloud-Swing Disaster". You can see how the boy's cycle ride to see Kerry turns out on YouTube.

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