Thursday, 27 September 2007

Yu Ji "The Dreamer"

Ju Ji's Flash animation, The Dreamer, was the overall winner of the Nontzeflash 2007. To say this is relaxing is pretty much an understatement. The white cat with the yellow eyes sits on a pink cushion under gentle bamboo and dreams. Wild geese are joined by a white goose who transforms to a powerful pale fish after its dive into the ocean. The changes proceed to successively more powerful beings. Sometimes it is easier to dream of course, than to actually do something. Long Yi's music adds a gentle elegance to a supremely elegant film. I featured the film as my school's movie of the week 1 to kick off the new year. In October of this year Yu Ji is commencing his degree in Animation Production at The Art Institute at Bournemouth, UK, and already has a seemingly thriving career (for someone born in 1988 anyway!!!) illustrating children’s books. He studied Fine Art in Plymouth, UK for two years from the age of 16 before commencing his degree work in Bournemouth. His artwork is exquisite. Look for example at Childhood or Hide and Seek. Look also at his two other animations: The Art of Writing and Random Story produced for his 19th birthday. I can't believe all this success for someone so young. Either I have my dates wrong or Yu Li is a very rare talent indeed. He is not like his cat, dreaming his life away.

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