Friday, 5 October 2007

Andrei T. Bakhurin "The White, The Black"

The chess board is a dangerous place. Players devise fiendish tricks to deceive their opponents, mercy is not an option, whilst sacrifice of one’s own pieces most decidedly is. The board is a battlefield where opponents are butchered. Andrei T. Bakhurin is a great favourite of mine. The animation work for his Bloody Circus of Scary Dolls is impressive. It is difficult to choose one from his many flash animations though The White, The Black is distinctive. Here, around a smoke filled chess table, the symbolic action of the chess pieces is brought rivetingly to life in all its savagery. Andrei is a superb artist. Look at his gallery and be aware of a scary talent – I swear some of the art looks like Picasso in his blue or rose periods. In all his animations the art jumps right out at you. Sometimes it’s a matter of scale, a giant quality to objects or people, or odd angles and perspectives, twisted faces and insect-like creatures that give a macabre tinge to his work, muted colours. His towns look East European but from an earlier century. They reek atmosphere. In The White, The Black is it a cockroach that scuttles the board? Is Death an insect with a scythe? Shiver at the Black Queen with a revolver in her leg gaiter. A talented man, Andrei is also a singer and musician with a band. I'm delighted he enjoyed such success in this year's Torino Flash Festival. I use his work all the time to demonstrate how distinctive an artist can be. Visit his site: Bloody Circus of Scary Dolls.

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