Saturday, 20 October 2007

Asaf Agranat "Bus Ride and Flower in Her Hair"

Asaf Agranat from Edinburgh College of Art won several awards with his 2005 graduation film Bus Ride and Flower in Her Hair. Asaf is from Israel though he is now working in London. His movie concerns a long coach ride for a young boy with only a captured fly and a dog belonging to someone else for company. The boy's imagination, memories and that semi-dream state one enters on a long journey are perfectly captured. One example: line after line of ubiquitous cyprus trees give way to a field of sunflowers from which emerge incongruous upturned legs and feet; a swivel of perspective and the feet are reality as the boy retrieves the lid from his glass jar from the floor and real legs. I'm always impressed by traditional skills of the artist and Bus Ride and Flower in Her Hair is beautifully composed and drawn with softness and delicacy. There is also just as delicate a sense of humour here. Asaf posted the movie on YouTube himself. Two very thorough interviews with him have been posted on the Bauhaus and TVP Animation websites. Asaf must be a charming fellow because he received an offer of marriage at the conclusion of the second interview.

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