Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Bernard Derriman "The Dinosaurs Song"

Bernard Derriman, the object of Saturday's post, has another series of animations on-line. The Dinosaurs Song (used for the screenshot above) was created by Bernard for the website Big Green Rabbit though curiously it not featured there - you will have to go to YouTube to discover it. Featuring the voice of David Williams (in a sort of Dean Martin mode at times I feel) it is one of a series of witty, conventional cartoons that tell the story of animals, existing or extinct, who eat the wrong things. Working with a team of animators (Andrew Collins, Lily Dell, Ian Harrowell, and Brian Estanisloa) the series is aimed at children. This weekend I read that the UK is facing an explosion of problems associated with our diets, akin to the threats posed by climate change claimed one government minister. Big Green Rabbit is a USA initiative to address childhood obesity by promoting healthy diets. The series of animated songs is one means by which they obtain publicity though they also aim to attract children and parents to sign up for their health club. Whatever, the videos are fun with lyrics and colourful child-centred animations. Toucan, Rhino, Green Amaconda, Iguana and Mashed Potato (!) await your attention.

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