Thursday, 4 October 2007

Don Hertzfeldt "Billy's Balloon"

Don Hertzfeldt has a distinctive style and when the mood takes him he can produce the sort of emotional tour de force that is rare indeed. In Billy's Balloon, produced in 1998 during his graduation year at University of California, Santa Barbara, Don sympathetically tells the tale of a young boy, Billy, and his relationship with a red balloon and, albeit of lesser importance, a rattle. Boy and balloon have some interesting travels together and, whereas Billy does undeniably undergo moments of vertigo and tinnitus, he has the comfort of knowing he is not alone. Don Hertzfeldt is wickedly funny. The movie is available at Bitter Films Volume One: 1995-2005 DVD and is terrific value at only £12 or so considering it comes with lots of his other movies. The man is a phenomenon! If you really are unable to wait it is available seemingly all over the place, including AOL Video, and I sincerely hope there is no copyright infringement because animators deserve their royalties!
Go to and support a towering comic talent!

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Karin said...

A brilliant artist indeed!

Have you seen his latest work? He truly is creating "emotional tour de forces" these days. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK is nothing short of genius.

Don't forget to link his homepage. He's an independent and I'm sure needs all the DVD sales he gets: