Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Emeline Bafoin, Tristan Michel, Eric Le Dieu De Ville & Vincent Techer "Chaperon Rouge"

Two out of three of the previous posts have related to Animex 2007 and now it's time to consider the third placed Chaperon Rouge by four more talented French students of the Supinfocom: Emeline Bafoin, Tristan Michel, Eric Le Dieu De Ville and Vincent Techer. Chaperon Rouge is a modern take on the Red Riding Hood tale with our heroine pursued by a somewhat amorphous black wolf, or rather wolves. These are something straight out of Mordor and just as terrifying. I'm not sure whether to accept the tale as literal or allegorical though the climax gives a clue. The colours stand out, the red of the girl and the black with yellow eyes of the wolf, and there are some pleasing backdrops of castle, forest and high cliff. Just maybe the movie is not quite as technically dazzling as the pyrotechnics of Sigg Jones, posted here on Saturday, with just a trace of stilted walking from Red Riding Hood herself, though I personally found the five minute film more engaging and imaginative: it held the attention of my class late yesterday afternoon, no mean feat! The ending is suitably gripping, perhaps the highlight of the movie and certainly unexpected. Chaperon Rouge may be downloaded in full from the makers' website,, where you can view in impressive detail production information including such gems as the costume for the girl herself. At the risk of repeating myself, these French students are good!

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