Sunday, 7 October 2007

Eric Castaing, Alexandre Heboyan, Fafah Togora "La Migration Bigoudenn"

La Migration Bigoudenn is a delight from start to finish. A group of aged chefs, immaculately and identically attired in black and white, gather on a Brittany cliff top to conjure up magnificent crêpes to present to their even more elderly leader. Under the light of the moon pancakes are perfectly created and tossed to the heavens before being tasted by their critical superior. There are elements of dance in the symetrical celebrations; the group of chefs floating to the skies at the end is a thing of beauty. Gobelins L’Ecole De Image is very lucky to have such students and they are lucky to have it. So good. Produced in 2004 the three students, Eric Castaing, Alexandre Heboyan and Fafah Togora have all graduated and moved on to different, if not better, things. You can download the movie in various forms here or here.

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