Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Guinness Commercial for Rugby World Cup Final

Well England didn't win the rugby World Cup - no sour grapes from this quarter and congratulations to South Africa - but as compensation or celebration enjoy this simply magnificent television commercial from Saturday night's final - Seconds From Greatness. Beginning with a 10 second snippet in September and then gradually increasing the lengths of time for the ads, the £6m TV advertising campaign for Guinness introduced the black and white teams separately. On Saturday the towering hulks competed during the half time interval in a 60 second extravaganza, black versus white. It was a miraculous anticipation of a script as the black player touched down in exactly the same spot as did Mark Cueto for England - except I thought an action replay was needed to sort out the validity of the "try" at the end. Of course if we had had to wait for Australian video referee Stuart Dickinson to judge the replay action, Guinness would have run well over budget and Caffreys declared the winner! Guinness, already sponsor of the English Rugby Premiership, used the agency AMV BBVO with executive creative director Paul Brazier, art director Mike Bond, and copywriter Mike Bond. However it is not surprising for those many fans of Marc Craste from Studio aka that he was the animator called in. There are strong echoes of his JoJo in the Stars in the ad. The use of the black and white motif that runs through all Guinness campaigns has never been bettered. Marc's ad triumphed in a match of heavy-weight contenders. Consider the opposition screened that night: the Sony Bravia Bunnies populating a city centre (well, if you allow them to breed) and the computer generated (Phil Collins & 'In The Air Tonight' ) Gorilla Ad for Cadburys Dairy Milk. Interestingly the two ads involved Argentinian Juan Cabral of Fallon London. Votes in my household were split, the women opting for gorilla, the men for rugby. Sad to say, New Zealand were unable to reach the final otherwise we might all have enjoyed Anchor - and there's still time to enter their competition by the way.

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