Saturday, 6 October 2007

Igor Coric "Deus Ex Machina" & "3 Feathers and a Rainstorm"

Deus Ex Machina by Belgrade based Igor Coric may loosely be translated as "God from the machine". In the far distant days when I studied for my English degree I remember it had something to do with stage devices and Greek Drama. Igor uses it as a metaphor for the God (or beast) released from his word processor as he types away. At first larvae then full grown moths appear and all manner of images chase across the screen to signify either madness or writer creativity. The movie featured at Ottawa 2004. A second of Ivor's movies is 3 Feathers and a Rainstorm about a man who forms an attachment to a bird he raises from an egg. In three parts and a coda the movie is double the length of the previous movie at 4 minutes.
3 Feathers and a Rainstorm is extremely well executed in Flash, entertaining and slickly produced with an artistic confidence and a twist of an ending that I should have foreseen but didn't. There's a message from the animator about allowing one's loved ones some independence, together with a warning of so doing. The ingredients of course are in the screenshot. Originally from Strasbourg, Igor graduated in Painting at the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002. His website contains lots of his work and his shop. I'm planning to review his Dog's Pavlov, another of his works selected for last month's Ottawa, when I sample the winning entries from that festival in day or so. In the meantime visit Igor at his website.

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