Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Kalina Vutova "Deliverance"

Kalina Vutova is a witty and highly talented animator from Sofia. Her 1999 movie Deliverance is a comedy in the classic tradition of comedies, in that it has depth and a denouement that is unexpected and yet satisfying. Three men are drowning in the ocean and quite willing to sacrifice each other to ensure their own survival. They fight and scramble until, miraculously, a boat appears. More fighting takes place before they escape from the sea. At the time of releasing the movie Kalina was a student at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. You can download it at the Annecy 2000 archive and Kalina has also placed it on YouTube. A later and longer movie, Sunday Evening (2002) is waiting in my in-tray to write about. I'll do so tomorrow.

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