Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Kalina Vutova "Sunday Evening"

It is a unhappy time for a lonely moth in a forest under a perfect moon with just a pack of cards for company. You can play your cards only so many times before they pall, or construct a card pyramid before an errant wind scatters them asunder. Sunday evenings are for companionship, or romance as enjoyed so spectacularly by the fire-flies. So our envious hero watches with his binoculars before embarking on a voyage of courtship. Using traditional pencil on paper, Bulgarian animator Kalina Vutova's monochrome Sunday Evening (2002) is six minutes soaked in atmosphere that is heightened considerably by the two accordion pieces played by Richard Galliano. Rather like Kalina's earlier Deliverance discussed here yesterday there is a twist in the ending and a salutary one at that. The drawing has a definite style. I loved the snail bearing a lantern on a tentacle, the self-satisfied cat, the frogs, the abandoned chessboard, the feverish climax as rain beats down and the object of fascination appears in view. Kalina placed the animation on YouTube in July of this year. It leads to her website and some nifty 3D modeling and her work profile.

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