Monday, 8 October 2007

Lesley Barnes "Herzog and the Monsters"

Lesley Barnes' quirky Herzog and the Monsters is a distinctive four minute movie. Herzog lives with his gran and has difficulty reading books despite being surrounded by Penguin editions of the things. So he steals some letters and goes from there, including a forest into which he falls. The movie has very clever use of 3D graphics and letters. Monochrome images jut out of the screen like paper models swinging on string, and there is a carousel type movement at times that is most effective together with mechanical, almost clockwork objects and shuffling letters. I also love Lesley's choice of music, Al Paxton's Metronomes. The piece was Lesley's graduation film from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006. You can also view it at Sumo Dojo, where other work by Al Paxton may also be enjoyed. Lesley has obtained considerable success in international festivals. I originally saw it at Bradford in November last year. Lesley has her own website (click the link) and she has posted the film on YouTube.

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