Thursday, 18 October 2007

Michaela Pavlátová: a montage of her work

Michaela Pavlátová is one of those hideously talented individuals whose work can intimidate because of its sheer excellence. I featured her 1995 Repeat at the beginning of August and since then have seen far more of her work including the monumental The Carnival of the Animals, one of the most impressive movies of 2006. She does not shirk adult issues and thus is not first choice for screening in class. However as well as earning critical acclaim for her ground-breaking and often acerbic commentaries on relationships she earns a regular living working as a director for the Francisco and Los Angeles company Wildbrain. You will enjoy her commercials for Wrigley chewing gum for instance or her darkly comic Graveyard Picnic. However to enjoy the full richness of her output look at Michaela's Montage. She has a range of drawing styles and the montage has been put together with an eye for continuity. The Czech Republic has some of the best animators in the world with a rich tradition I intend to feature in the next week or so. Michaela, though, transcends national boundaries.

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