Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Sébastien D'Abrigeon "Bascule" ("Balance")

Sébastien D'Abrigeonis was a student at La Poudrière in Valence, when he created his 2004 movie Bascule. Created chiefly in Flash it charts the adventures of a young couple in search of a rooftop, armed with a red umbrella and plagued by a host of smaller umbrella wielders as they clamber across the skyline in the face of a strong wind. There's a lot of visual humour here with umbrellas being blown in and out and characters scaling or plunging impossible heights or depths. I'm not entirely sure if there is a meaning I'm missing though I can greatly admire the inventive manipulation of perspective and the abrupt twists and turns that give a comic edge. It has recently been posted on YouTube.

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