Monday, 1 October 2007

Tom Bracht & Tim Weimann "My Date From Hell"

The devil is a bit of a fraud and beginning to lose his grip. He needs to meet a new partner to spice up his life. Then one day a letter arrives from an admirer. He has to meet her and he's not nearly as confident as his age and position would suggest. This is a very clever and humorous movie with some stunning 3D work and a Shrek-like character in the role of Satan. How he terrifies the world is beyond me. "My Date From Hell" is the work of German directors Tim Weimann and Tom Bracht. Both are experienced animators in the media although they were studying for their degree at Filmakademie Baden Württermberg’s Institute of Animation when making the movie. In a well contested field it won the 2007 Animex 3D Animation Award. A very comprehensive account of their collaboration may be viewed at Computer Graphics World. I note that Tom says the movie, although short, has a feature length quality. It does and the characters could well be developed further. Computer Arts has a five minute download (from the 14 minute movie) to whet your appetitie.

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