Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Andrew Keeble "A Curious Incident"

This is the first of two animations about young people who do not slot easily into mainstream life, yet who are treated with wonderful sensitivity and understanding by different animators. The first is a 2007 movie though I know little about A Curious Incident or its creator Andrew Keeble, save that it was produced for Mark's degree and that it is based on the The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, This was about 15 year old Christopher Boone, an autistic boy who sets out to track down the killer of his neighbour's dog. It won the 2003 Whitbread Book of the Year and the 2004 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book. I have read the book and recommend it wholeheartedly. Andrew's beautifully illustrated animation does not cover the same incident, nor does it have the humour of the novel, but it does grasp the distinctive character of the boy told by his father his mother has died, and his subsequent search for the truth. It is narrated by the boy himself and, though we understand more than him, he too achieves understanding if not a reconciliation. This is a moving portrait of a family enduring the strains imposed at least partly by bringing up an autistic son. The pastel, hand-drawn frames suit the story to perfection. I am surprised this lovely animation has not garnered some awards.

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andyramone said...

I'm Andrew Keeble! That's my film. I'm most gratuefull for your review! BEcause of copywrite issues, I never got to submit it to any festivals and so never won any awards. Got a 2:1 for my degree though!. Thanks for your comments, it's made my day.