Monday, 12 November 2007

Arthur de Pins "Geraldine"

"Un jour, Gérald se réveilla métamorphosé en femme ..." Arthur de Pins is in wildly funny mood in Geraldine, his 2000 movie concerning the repercussions of some monstrous act of gender reorientation when Gerard most unwillingly becomes Geraldine, a woman to turn the heads of every man, much to the consternation of the head turner-him/herself and hilarity of his/her girlfriend. Arthur is one of the most inventive and humorous animators around. His website has some outstanding work and this is the second of three movies I am highlighting within a few days of each other. There are more laughs per square inch (or centimetre) in Geraldine than almost any other animation, and all cemented by Arthur's acutely perceptive eye, intelligence and artistic ability. Three examples that made me laugh aloud: when he realises he is the object of attention on the tube as (s)he experiments with his/her changed anatomy, her/his attempts to walk in high heels, the giant, red headed, backdrop poster of Geraldine as he/she addresses a political rally with echoes of Che Guevara.

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