Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Arthur de Pins "La revolution des crabes" (The Crab Revolution)

La revolution des crabes by French director Arthur de Pins is an epic tale of a downtrodden race whose only crime is an inability to move forwards. Thus the director acts as political platform for Pachygrapsus Mormatus, translated as the “depressed crabs”. This is not a new problem; in fact it has existed for 120 million years and it has taken someone of Arthur's calibre to enlighten us. The movie covers a dramatic moment in Crab history when the tide turned, when human activity precipitated a dramatic change of direction from one particular crab (the narrator), a small step admittedly but a giant leap for crabkind. This delightful quirky film is in French and the initial link is to Arthur's website. However you may enjoy the wit of the script given the sub-titles in the YouTube version. You will be rewarded by an intelligent script to complement the easy drawing style of this very talented animator.

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