Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bill Plympton "Signature" ("It's Time To Fly" American Airlines)

Signature is the fifth ad in my study of United Airlines' "It's Time To Fly" campaign. Bill Plympton's commercial has a group of executives given the task of obtaining the Harris contract. It proves a tricky task, akin to taming a wild steed. However one keen guy makes a personal approach, flying direct, making his sales pitch, impressing the head of the company and shaking hands on the contract. Aimed at the Asian market it features grown men chasing after and wrestling a word. The "camera" pans around at pace and everything is frantic. Bill is an excellent artist ("consummate" is another word) and with its soft, hand-drawn colours and eye for design the thirty second ad is a treat. It also tells a story and makes its point. (This face to face contact lark could put video conferencing and the internet out of business!) I have already twice featured Bill, his early work and a music video. A visit to this amazing man's site is a must for any would-be animator - Plymptoons. Bill is another of the convocation of directors from the extravagantly resourced Acme Filmworks.

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