Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Bruno Bozzetto "Baeus"

What happens when a beetle falls in love with a housewife suffering a calamitous breakdown in her marriage? This is a tricky situation with so many differences to be overcome in the intended relationship - he blows her kisses, she tries to swat him to death. There's an awful lot of scuttling around in the seemingly doomed romance until our amorous insect discovers a textbook on magic and attempts to cast a spell. However, the course of true love and sorcery rarely run smoothly. Bruno Bozzetto is an absolute favourite of mine. His humour is so inventive that there is never a dull moment. I had intended to feature some shorts about pollution and the like, but given the foul weather as we enter winter I needed brightening up. So here is Bruno's 1987 Baeus to lift the spirits. Not that the tale is actually set outside in the Italian sunshine but the light, summery colours of the artwork and the sparkling wit on display lighten one's mood. Bruno provides the production, direction and script credits, whilst Oliviero Ruberti was responsible for the animation and Roberto Frattini for the music. Released three years ago his compilation Allegro Non Troppo DVD would be a sure fire winner for a Christmas present to alleviate the winter blues. I have featured Bruno's work previously for his Grasshoppers and flash animations.

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