Saturday, 1 December 2007

Conor Ryan "Cold Pursuit"

Cold Pursuit was Conor Ryan's 2004 graduation movie from National Film School of Ireland. The story is one of a struggle between a gambolling polar bear and a slippery fish through the frozen land and sea. It is simply drawn though its visual impact is heightened by the series of windows through which we see the action. Ryan obtained a distinction in his degree. Style in animation is a difficult concept for my students to understand. Sometimes it equates to selection of colours, techniques used, whether it is literal or metaphorical, photographically exact or abstract. ("I can draw better than that, sir!") I tell them you know style when you see it; choose a style to suit your story, or lack of it. Conor's choice created much enthusiastic discussion in class for which I'm eternally grateful.

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Conor Ryan said...

Hi, I just came accross this post on your blog when I was Googling my own name (due to a bit of a security breach on a film I made!!). I'm glad my film could spark some debate in your class, it's over six years since I made it! My latest film can be seen here; . . . if you're interested!
Keep up the good work, Cheers,

Conor Ryan.