Thursday, 29 November 2007

Emily Mantell "Gifted"

Gifted was Emily Mantell's Royal College of Art graduation film in 2002. She has described it as an attempt to understand and interpret her difficulties at school. In a simply designed piece she vividly contrasts those children who find reading easy with those who struggle. One child will be juggling letters with ease, the other strugging to grasp those very same but now elusive symbols that float above her; a child plucks volume after volume from the library shelf, another has them affixed to her feet like boots of lead. The chasm that divides children in their literacy is tellingly brought to life. I describe it as being simply designed which it is, but Emily is clever. To my mind the flickering line drawings are chalk on the classroom blackboard, representing school and the attendant difficulties some kids experience. You can purchase the DVD and much besides by the following link: British Animation Awards 5.

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