Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gaku Kinoshita "For Your Blossom"

For Your Blossom by Gaku Kinoshita has been around the festival circuit for nearly three years. Narrated by a child, the story is almost entirely in metaphor although the plot itself is not without interest. A young boy discovers a solitary flower, still to fully bloom. He embarks on a journey that takes him along the highway as snow falls. He is oblivious to anything else life has to offer, save for his journey and his precious flower. What occurs when the boy is called upon to break away from his mission due to an emergency and the resulting changes in his attitude to life are the themes of this 2004 movie. Gaku was born in Tokyo though he came to the UK in 1999 to complete his higher education culminating in an MA at the Royal College of Art. I have read one review of For Your Blossom in which the five minute film is described as “clumsily allegorical” which is to deny its charm. More properly, it is obviously allegorical. Some of the visual images of the traffic accident are excellent: a boy with flower in hand marching along the side of the highway, the occupants of the stricken bus clambering out, the build up of tension as the whole scene seems in danger of igniting, even the petals of the flower joining the snowflakes. For Your Blossom is viewable from the BBC's excellent Film Network site although it has been posted on YouTube.

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