Saturday, 10 November 2007

Idan Vardi "Woods"

Woods directed by Idan Vardi must be one of the most peaceful animations ever featured on the blog. It is a tale of an elderly man who enjoys his birthday alone in the woods. Commencing with a night-time scene in which the man chops wood, we are taken through the build-up to the birthday evening festivities with such loving care that I swear my heart rate lowered, blood cleared of cholesterol and spine relaxed. The movie should be on prescription. I’m not giving anything away to claim there are no shocks to the system, the movie concluding with a satisfied sigh. The animation is immaculately rendered, the colours a watercolour wash of greens and browns. Don't proceed, by the way, with any concept that the man is lonely; he seems as contented an individual as one could hope to meet, at one with his environment. Idan is from the Camera Obscura School - Tel Aviv and Minshar School of Visual Arts. Indeed the 8 minute piece is so maturely considered and constructed that I was a little taken aback that Idan is still a student. Well, he is assured of a professional future because this is lovely. In the meantime he is in receipt of a one year scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. I intend to feature one further animation by Idan next week when I focus on the forthcoming Bradford Animation Festival.

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