Monday, 26 November 2007

Jeremy Clapin "Une Histoire Vertebrale" (Backbone Tale)

In classic comic tradition, Une Histoire Vertebrale manages to be touching, romantic and funny. Jeremy Clapin's movie has won awards all over the world and no wonder. His hero has a most pronounced stoop and apart from a yapping dog, he is a lonely figure with only the ground for company. Inspired by a cinema poster he proceeds on a voyage in search of true love. It is a journey full of blind alleys and wrong turns. Will he prove the maxim that there is the perfect someone out there if you only look hard enough? Well, it's hard in his case. Jeremy's website showcases his work as an illustrator. This is the key to one of the strengths of the animation - Jeremy's skill as an artist. The animation is quite expertly drawn. Another skill is his mastery of humour. Some of the jokes are signalled well in advance and yet they are still funny, some are unexpected. Take the opening. Couples sit in the outdoor café conversing. Together. They glide in front of us, couple after couple, cleverly drawn (I guess Jeremy uses animated cut-outs here.) Our view alights on one particular pair. They kiss. Very romantic. They part and our hero is revealed. Alone. By the way, the YouTube version does not do the movie justice and a copy of the DVD, including some 3D features, may be purchased via the website.

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