Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Joanna Quinn "Lightbulb" "Dreams and Resolutions: Family Ties"

Joanna Quinn is another of the star names United Airlines brought in for their series of one minute animated commercials. Lightbulb takes an idea, in the form of a lightbulb, and sees its development from personal dream, shared idea, production line, billboards and final acceptance by the public. In her free flowing style Joanna captures the excitement of the innovator. The way in which the colour is introduced, quality of the drawing and the sheer exuberance of it all is infectious. Joanna has been twice nominated for an Academy Award. Her style is her own - pretty obvious statement but there's no-one like her. I've never heard of, let alone eaten the things, but Nips seem more tasty after seeing the commercial. Joanna is best known for her tough Cardiff women, as demonstrated to magical effect in this excerpt from the remarkable 2006 Dreams and Desires – FamilyTies. Her wonderful creation, Beryl, is the star of two other films in a glorious mini series. When Beryl offers to film the wedding of her friend Mandy with a new camcorder the resulting video diary is awesome. The pre-watershed language means it is not necessarily the video to show in class though the commercials provide a way in to one of the greats in British and indeed world animation. Visit Beryl Productions.

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Computers for animation said...

I like the drawing in the second example that you've shared here more than the first. I guess because there are two elements to admire- the feelings that the woman has as well as the dog are expressed well.