Sunday, 25 November 2007

Liam Brazier & Amplifico "Yeah, you can be my Muse"

Amplifico is a fine Scottish band with a most commercial sound and I'm glad I have been introduced to them. Even better to be introduced via a superb animation from the Littlenobody studio featured a day or two back. Liam Brazier is the half of the team who specialises in illustration. Yeah, You can be my Muse features the distinctive voice of Donna Maciocia recounting the tale of her muse. The original idea came from writer, promoter and poet Jo Overfield who had worked for the band, knew of Liam’s work and produced first and second draft storyboards. In consequence, Liam has the guy trailing his beloved girl across the city, up elevators, on the bus, down elevators. If he didn't possess a bunch of flowers he could get arrested for stalking. The two colours on display are blue and peachy pink. Surprise surprise, the blue is for the guy. Despite this the girl seems totally oblivious of his attentions though you can't keep a good guy down. The 2D artwork here is cutely drawn and the two colours work; and I do love the switches of colour. For instance, in his blue world he sees her pink bus disappearing along the road at the end of a narrow lane - we know she's in there because it's pink! The humour is pervasive: she's on the tube, he's sprinting frantically alongside, peering into her carriage until he runs out of platform. Karen Penman, the studio's founder radiates optimism and I'm sure Littlenobody will build on its success. Given the contrast with their Thou Shalt Always Kill they can clearly handle a range of commissions.

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