Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Michael Dudok De Wit "A Life" ("It's Time To Fly" United Airlines)

Michael Dudok de Wit is the sixth and final director in my series of posts about a wonderfully talented group of directors involved in an advertising campaign reaching the heights. A Life is as good an animated commercial as it is possible to see. United Airlines, the world's second largest airline, and Fallon, their advertising agency, struck gold. The ad was so good it was declared a work of art in 2005 and placed is the USA's Museum of Modern Art. In 60 seconds Michael takes us through precious moments in a man's life, from his boy's sense of wonder when peering into the skies at an airliner, and how in later life the lure of airflight is still there to inspire and delight. I have said as much in praise of Michael's Father and Daughter as it is possible to say and in many ways A Life has similarities with his Oscar winning longer film. The blended and textured colours are there, the masterful ability to capture emotions, the fabulous technique and even the bike ride that commences the commercial. Somehow or other it seems far longer than 60 seconds, the Gershwin music just that more intensive, the experience the richer. And just a mention of the Soho based studio King Camera who handled the production - they deserve that! For the purposes of research, the following animators associated with United Airlines in addition to Michael are the following: Bill Plympton, Aleksandr Petrov, Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, Joanna Quinn, Jamie Caliri and Sarah Roper.

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