Saturday, 3 November 2007

Nick Wade "The Ill-Fated Romance of the Giraffe and the Ballerina"

This is the second of three young British animators this weekend. I first saw Nick Wade's The Ill Fated Romance of the Giraffe and the Ballerina at Bradford last year. Their romance lasts four minutes in animated form at least though the seemingly ill-matched pair have a surprising amount in common. For starters, she has long legs and he has a long neck. Sadly, legs and necks are not quite sufficient to sustain a romance. The giraffe has a strange appetite that their relationship is unable to tolerate and, anyway, the two simply do not see eye to eye. Three specific mentions. First to Gordan Haykivic for the great music, second to Eloise Smith for the witty story and finally to Denica Fairman for her narration - Denica sounds like a genuine prima donna all right. This is a funny movie, visually a treat with vibrant reds and oranges of a surreal dance studio and African veldt combined, and a standard of artwork and design that is of rare quality. Born in the Netherlands and educated in Switzerland and the UK , Nick's higher education was at Chelsea CAD as well as in Cheltenham and Yorkshire. He has quite a body of work behind him including for the BBC, Channel 4 and The Cartoon Network. He worked on this project during his time as animation director for Boldstudio in March - June 2005. His website is innovative and there is a burning giraffe on a very impressive comic showreel.

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