Thursday, 8 November 2007

Todd Rosenberg (Odd Todd) "Laid Off: Help Wanted"

Laid Off: Help Wanted was the first animation I saw way back at the start of Todd Rosenberg's pretty unique series about an unemployed, one might say "unemployable", idler. I guess it must have been in 2002 when I was beginning to expand Animation as a subject in school. Whatever, it has been a huge hit with the students though I do not use all of the material as it is aimed at an adult audience. Laid Off: Help Wanted is the episode early in the series when the enormity of his mounting debt problems are beginning to dawn on Odd Todd and he has to wake up mid-morning before an early lunch in order to address them. Todd introduces gag after gag and the entire paraphernalia of the cartoonist and flash animator is brought into play. The laughs come thick and first: he modifies his CV to accommodate an ever expanding number of fictitious underlings, he presents his comfort food recipe, he becomes distracted by his television viewing, he discovers his college education is somewhat deficient. For those rare beings who do not know the Odd Todd series they can be promised a treat. As the phenomenon has developed the site has become commercial whilst still possessing a somewhat unique quality. For instance, Todd’s website,, has a few interesting traditions, not the least at this time of year being his regular Halloween cartoon, and yes there is one for 2007, his sixth. Todd Rosenberg was laid off from the animation industry and this is his riposte. He certainly taught some of my students how to do interactive animations. Visit him and see.

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