Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tomek Baginski ‘Fallen Art'

Fallen Art is a movie that is very much anti-war, perhaps even anti-army - certainly the type of army that sends the poor soldier to certain death without sentiment. Sergeant Al calls for a "volunteer", awards him a sparkling medal, then despatches him on his mission. How the company doctor Johann Friedrich and General A, himself an animator, are involved is the subject of the movie. Fallen Art is a movie of grim humour. Set in a surreal landscape, with surreal action and darkly surreal characters there is one conspicuously magnificent scene in the General’s viewing studio when the anonymous soldier dances to the wild Asfalt Tango by folk band Fanfare Ciocarlia. Tomek has created a classic of the genre to match his creation of one of the great modern animations The Cathedral. Tomek is part of the Warsaw company Platige Image. A very thorough interview with Tomek in CGSociety gives copious detail of the technology used in the creation of what is a visually stunning movie. The DVD may be ordered directly from the company’s website. In a movie this good the version available on YouTube is not a viable alternative, though free of course. A suggestion of the overall quality of the high resolution version is given in a free download trailer.

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