Friday, 9 November 2007

Trevor Hardy "Pushkin"

Trevor Hardy is one of those one-man operations who gives animation a good name. His stop motion piece Pushkin is a total delight. Operating from his garden shed studio in Lancing, West Sussex, Trevor claims to produce a high standard of work and he indisputably does. Mrs Dombilard has lost her cat in some vaguely East European town. (She speaks in some vaguely East European language.) Rather plaintively she grills the inhabitants on the whereabouts of her beloved feline companion. She has a dogged determination in her pursuit of Pushkin. It turns out to be a hazardous occupation searching for a missing cat. Working with beautifully constructed sets and models, as well as rich characters, Trevor constructs an original world of warmth and humour, a world enhanced by the fitting music of Jon Russell. The facial expression of the characters alone is a treat. Christmas is the time for this animation and I guess I'll wish I had retained this treat come late December. A sacked tyre fitter, family man and, from what I can discern, an altogether interesting guy, Trevor has worked for the Bristol studio Aardman, in their production of a Wallace and Gromit commercial for Japanese television. The influence shows. That said Trevor is a distinctive talent whose animation is featuring at Bradford next week. His website has some great work posted: Fool Hardy Films.

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