Friday, 23 November 2007

Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, Claire Armstrong Parod & Sarah Roper "It's Time To Fly" United Airlines Commercials

Fallon Worldwide conceived a marvellous campaign for United Airlines. As we seem to have missed out in the UK, this is the third of my posts on their It’s Time To Fly campaign. Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis produced a second animation, The Interview. This is in exactly the same style as The Meeting covered in an earlier post. I may just prefer it. Here the guy spruces himself up for his big interview, takes great care over his choice of tie and then discovers he is wearing ill-matched shoes. He is able to relax on his flight home however. Wendy and Amanda were awarded with an Oscar for their 60 second piece. The link is to the site of Joel Parod and Claire Armstrong Parod, Paodjects. It was Claire who did the animation for both commercials. And in case you recognise the voice at the end of all these ads but can't quite put a name to it - Robert Redford. A further commercial in the campaign though this time with a UK connection is Legs, by Sarah Roper for London agency Sherbet. (Her similarly styled The Apartment Cat is superb.) In the ad the issue of selecting an airline on the basis of extra legroom is handled in a stylish, sophisticated manner, with a pair of long legs making their way towards the airport and plane. Like all the ads handled by Fallon in the campaign there is humour here, Sarah's comedy having a light, subtle touch. I read that Fallon were unable to retain the airline contract, it going instead to former Fallon employees Bob Barrie and Stuart D'Rozario and their newly started company, Barrie D’Rozario Murphy. The pair were associated with the Fallon campaign. Luckily there are still ads to cover in the campaign, again by some of the best animators around.

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