Tuesday, 4 December 2007

3 Bears (Bryony, Caddi and Linnhe Catlow) "The Godson"

The Godson is a claymation spoof on Mario Puzio’s The Godfather. It has all the violent mayhem of the gangster movie including a decapitated horse though somehow retaining an innocence and warmth absent in the gore of the original. Perhaps the numerous references to pasta in all its forms have something to do with it. The story concerns the revenge taken by Don Cannelloni’s rivals, a consequence of the unfortunate demise of their racehorse. The honour and security of the family rests in the flour stained hands of the youngest Cannelloni, Doodi. There are some great lines: “You’re gonna kill me ‘cos of a horse – that’s insane, but understandable.” Finished in 2003 and sandwiched between paying work the movie took four years to complete. It is however a wonderful parody with oodles of ketchup and wheat derivatives. It also has Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn as the voice for Don Ravioli. Three Catlow sisters, Bryony, Caddi and Linnhe, founded the 3 Bears Studio in 1996. Their studio is in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria - the county of my birth. No connection at all but I met Linnhe (now Linnhe Harisson) a few years ago at the Co-op Young Film-Makers’ Festival. If I remember correctly the three girls were stalwarts of the festival as youngsters. They are now creators of some most creative animated commercials, notably for Dulux as well as the celebrated claymation short, Tongue Tied, for the BBC’s spoof SF series Red Dwarf. Their work is not restricted to clay however and includes Flash and Maya 3D animation, each of the three women seemingly having branched out to broaden their range and appeal. Judge their success with this peach of an ad for Dreft.