Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bruce Simpson "Hell Job" & "Body Piercing 1"

Bruce Simpson has a heck of a lot of credits to his name and a host of talents other than animation. However it is for his Flash animation series Stick Girl that he has gained a mention on the blog. The series of short cartoons give a satirical look at the problems and strains of adolescence in today’s Canada .. or the USA, UK …. The episodes are boldly if simply drawn, distinguished by intelligent commentary, wit, and often the forthright voice of the narrator (Bruce is an actor). Take Hell Job for example. Here Stick Girl gets rewarded by low pay and abysmal working conditions in one of the myriad fast food outlets related to chicken or beef or something. Or Body Piercing 1 where the joys of attracting magnets are amply demonstrated in a series of short episodes. In fact it’s difficult to think of a difficult teenage issue Bruce has shirked in the series. As short starters for discussion lessons for the high school student I can hardly think of better material.

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