Thursday, 6 December 2007

Craig Frasier "Swisscheese" & "Stanley Goes For A Drive"

Craig Frasier has remarkable talent and flair. His designs are eye-catching, stylish, intriguing, peaceful. He produces work like no other animator I know. The accompanying illustration is not from an animation but it’s so appealing and I could not resist: the surreal impossibility of it all, the bright blue shades, yellow sand, the composition itself. I have used his work with my students for years. Swisscheese was my first introduction to his movies. A man strolls by a giant aerated cheese, takes one of the holes and places it in his bucket, bounces one of the holes like a ball and climbs up the stepping stones of the holes. In Stanley Goes For A Drive the countryside is irresistibly beautiful with cows and horses black silhouettes apart from the one with white cloud-like patches which disappear as Stanley hand milks her, the white turning to clouds in a perfect sky. Almost any one of the frames could be printed to grace a home, they are that good. The accompanying music soothes a weary ear, the visual qualities grace the screen, the surrealism pleases the intellect. A class act. Should you enjoy these and other animations on the site, consider purchasing his elegant The Illustrated Voice. It looks magical on the site. Christmas present! (And a means of repaying Craig for some great pleasures.)

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