Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Faith Hubley "Who Am I?"

Together with her husband, John Hubley, Faith Hubley completed 21 films until his death in 1977 and from that time until her own death in 2001 she completed 25 other solo movies. Who am I? (1988) is one I have chosen to represent her work. It is a light-hearted exploration of the simple joy a child has at discovering the wonders of the senses. Each in turn is covered, images evoking the magic of this special time. In truth the screenshot is atypical of the film animated by Faith's daughter, Emily Hubley. Most images are simple, child-like and innocent, such as this cute dog. The best movies, as I have remarked often in the blog, have a freshness about them that, unlike traditional films, are time proof. Who am I? is fresh. It's very much a family affair for Faith's grandson, Sam Hubley, provides the voice of the child. This involvement is typical of a remarkable family whose roots in animation go back to 1935 when John was employed by Walt Disney Studios painting backgrounds and layouts for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The work of the The Hubley Studio continues to the present day and, Emily in particular, although having her own style (posts to come) still bases her work on hand-drawn as opposed to computer animated films. A further feature on the Oscar nominated Moonbird will appear in a later post and this too features the Hubley family. In the meantime, the best price I can discover for the two DVD editions of the American imported The Hubley Collection here in the UK at least is at CD Quest. I'm running out of Christmas requests and hope someone in my family listens (or reads!)

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