Sunday, 9 December 2007

John Halas "The History of the Cinema"

The History of the Cinema is an undeniable classic of animation, very British in its humour and very tied in with its period. With an irrepressibly optimistic narrator and great wit it takes us from the cavemen daubing on the rock, the pinhole camera, through the early silent movie era, and eventually to the rise of television. John Halas' 1957 movie also manages to convey facts in an amusing way. Thus we learn why Hollywood was so good for film-making (sun, dependable sun) and the vital role the censor paid in movie history - essentially he snipped away all the good bits of film and left the audience with the rest - and even the fads designed to withstand the impact of the little box in the home:"The producer is ever striving for perfection!" A visit to one of the treasure homes of British animation, Halas & Batchelor Collection, is an enjoyable experience. You can read a previous post about John Halas here.

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