Friday, 14 December 2007

Max Hattler "Collision", "Everything Turns" & "Ikea"

Max Hattler's 2005 graduation movie from the Royal College of Art is an abstract work of evolving patterns and depth. Collision is described on his website as "Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection". It has won many awards and obtained impressive testimonials in the national and specialist press of which the BBC's tag "an original depiction of aesthetics into politics" is probably most apt. It seems to have been screened all over the world to judge by the website. Max obtained the considerable support of additional animation from Ian Mackinnon, whose work I greatly admire and featured here. Max's produced his own sound design which was mixed by Christopher Wilson. The combination of art and music is quite beautiful. I know one testimonial refers to its being "disturbing" but I found it fascinating, the various intricate patterns building up to the collision of the title, whilst at the same time providing an intelligent appreciation of world political issues as West clashes with East. This abstract stuff though..... can the lad draw? Yes he can actually - and well. An alternative link for Collision is to the Bermada Shorts Gates competition. Elsewhere on the site you can view his recent, classy commercial for Ikea. It extols the virtues of loving your home and ends with a big kiss which is always nice. Alternatively look at his 2004 piece Everything Turns which in 71 seconds takes a journey through life from conception to death in a rather stylish manner. His website ( has a lot of material on it including downloadable movies I have yet to view though there will be other opportunities to do that. And mention of the excellent Bermuda Shorts website reminds me of a draft post I have on another of a clutch of London based animators from the Royal College of Art, Run Wake and his multi award winning short, Rabbit. I thought I'd posted it. Run, Ian and Max are startlingly talented.

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