Friday, 7 December 2007

Patrick Smith "Puppet"

Puppet, an animated short by Patrick Smith, concerns a teenage boy who constructs a hand puppet only to have it come alive and take control in a rather brutal way. The movie is expertly animated, certainly as good as anything in mainstream animation on the giant screen. When I think about it there's something cinematic about the construction of the movie, notably in the Hollywood twist at the end. This is a very commercial movie. It's quite tough viewing in its content, certainly not played for laughs: when the puppet comes alive there is a demonic quality about it that stifles any laughter. Patrick has a fairly awesome biography including television series, MTV videos and major commercials. He also has various roles in academia in New York, the location of his studio. His very professional website and independent company Blend Films Inc. has clips from several of his award winning movies, some of which can be downloaded free, as well as other movies on DVD for sale, including Puppet. I would be remiss if I did not point to his commercials. Two in particular appeal, Swallowface and Donorschoose. The first is short but an amazing morph, the second is just so well done. Patrick is an impressive individual.

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