Thursday, 27 December 2007

Top Ten Animated Shorts of 2007

It's a difficult job but someone has to do it. Choosing the Top Ten Animated Shorts on my blog since I commenced in February has been fun. They are not, let me add, all produced in 2007. They appeared here in 2007, not quite the same thing:
Number 10
So I commence with an immediate compromise. By placing two music videos at joint Number 10 I get 11, for the price of 10!
Ce que je suis animated by Joris Clerté for the French band Holden is so typically French and feminine with the cloud following the girl. There's nothing wrong with a bit of self-pity and it helps I like the music. Joris is a well known figure and much in demand (See Blog) It is quite different for the joint tenth place, animator and newcomer Liam Brazier and his video for the Scottish band, Amplifico. Yeah, You can be my Muse is a two colour treat as this time, again with a female vocalist, the guy chases the girl. Touches of humour here and such a neat design. It's great that a fledgling company like Little Nobody can do so well and compete with the big boys. Two delightful music videos are therefore worthy winners of Number 10 spot and Liam is destined to be very much in demand. (See Blog)
Number 9
The simply constructed but wonderfully conceived and very moving A Journey Across Grandmother by Meghana Bisineer is a joy. In fact the original link was not quite Meghana's original, being a modified copy with a different soundtrack. I received a DVD of the proper version though, loved it and am delighted to say it has now been posted in all its majesty on-line. The image of the tiny grandchild on the bed as her grandmother gradually passes away is a moving one and gets this talented woman into my top 10. Meghana's website is new and her work unmissable. Tomorrow - 7 & 8.

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